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Stop Procrastination

Learn the time-tested techniques to cure procrastination and laziness so you can stop holding yourself back from success.

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Find Motivation

Your body is pre-programmed with existing motivational drivers. When you discover what they are, motivation becomes effortless.

Achieve Your Goals

Achieve Your Goals

Following this 5-step motivational formula, you'll gain crystal-clear clarity and direction on your goals so you're more likely to achieve them.

Goal Setting and Direction

Set Achievable Goals

Learn the goal-setting formula of top-performers to set goals with the confidence that you'll achieve them

Find the Path

Find the Step-by-Step Path

Gain the clarity you need in order to be more certain that the actions you take now are the right steps


Build Habits that Stick

Instead of trying to force yourself to do things you hate, build habits that take you there on autopilot

Unlock Motivation

Unlock Motivational Drivers

Your body has existing motivational drivers you can tap into as a way to do the things you need to do

Overcome Your Fears

Overcome Your Fears

Don't let your fears of rejection, embarassment, failure, or success hold you back from taking action

Navigate Uncertainty

Navigate Uncertainty

Nothing can be more discouraging than the doubts and thoughts that you're never going to succeed

There is a formula for human behavior. Imagine as if the human mind is programmed like a computer. There are lines of code written in the system of all computers sold. There are also various programs installed over the years. When you can deconstruct this algorithm of human programming, you can utilize this to your advantage and be certain you can achieve your goals.

In the same way you instinctually pull your hand away from a hot stove, motivation is simple once you understand how the human body works. Deconstructing Motivation allows you to uncover these drivers and manipulate them so motivation becomes a natural part of your everyday life.


Andrew Alexander, Deconstructing Motivation

After building multiple businesses, impacting the lives of over 1.3 million people, losing 50 pounds in three months (without trying to lose weight), Andrew became certified and trained as a peak performance coach for many entrepreneurs, social media influencers, and athletes. The things you'll read about in this book come from his experience working with 485+ clients as well as his personal experiences in life.

This website has a number of tools and resources to help you overcome procrastination, increase motivation, and achieve your goals in life.

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